Runner creates street art using Strava app

By on Sunday, August 4, 2019

A runner took the internet by storm this week with his latest piece of ‘running art’ – featuring the artist Frida Kahlo.

Using GPS and mapping software Lenny Maughan, from San Francisco has been turning his running routes into street art using the Strava app.

He plans his routes through the city, which are then mapped out on the app.

On completion his Strava followers – get to see images created on his route.

Mr Maughan has made 53 works so far, including the Chopsticks, the Starship Enterprise and a pig.

Speaking to The Guardian, he said he’s seen joke images including penises on the app, he said: ‘I wanted to do something different and something original.’

He said had been a fan of Etch-a-Sketch as a child.

‘You can’t see the lines drawn until after you finish your run, so it’s such a joyful feeling when you put in all of that work and you finally finish and get to see what you envisioned at the end,’ he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

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