Free milkshakes offered to Farage and supporters at polling station

By on Thursday, May 23, 2019

In case you’re one of the few people that hasn’t muted the word ‘milkshake’ yet on social – cheers The Fringe Left and Right in 2019, your efforts to co-opt and ruin everything good is ticking along at breakneck pace, I can’t wait for you to politicise Sunday roasts, you joyless drones – you might like this quick and dirty stunt by ‘plant-powered’ drinks brand, Plenish.

Jumping on the milkshaking (I’m so sad it now makes perfect sense as a verb) of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage while out and about campaigning the other day, a ‘free m*lkshakes’ stand has been erected at a polling station in Farage’s South East England constituency, in Kent, where he is standing as an MEP in today’s European elections.

That serious real-time political commentary will likely include this effort today is testament to a) the idea and timing of execution – snaps for Plenish and b) the, ahem, interesting times we live in.

World-weary? ME?


Anyway, founder Kara Rosen is skirting with certain gammon-y retribution (and threats of boycotting by people that had never considered buying one in the first place) with her quote, saying: “There’s been a lot of talk around milkshakes in politics recently, so we thought we’d offer Nigel one he can actually enjoy – unless he’d prefer it served over his suit.”

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