Satirical posters pop up around London celebrating Putin’s Brexit

By on Thursday, November 8, 2018


It’s everyone’s favourite thing to talk about. Well, maybe it’s not… but there’s no escaping it. Every. Single. Day. We read about it, tweet about it, hear about it, argue about it ad infinitum.

So, slightly refreshing to see something about Brexit that’s well, a bit different.

It doesn’t involve the words ‘Backstop’, ‘People’s Vote’ or ‘Chequers’ but tees up some fun satire and focuses on the disputed ‘role’ of Russia in the 2016 referendum with some giant Russian inspired billboards.

Coining Theresa May’s original claim that Brexit would be a best of British, (Red, White and Blue Brexit) a group who call themselves ‘Proud Bear’ have put up Russian Red, White and Blue Brexit posters, complete with a winking Putin, around London today. The billboards are ‘celebrating’ Vladimir Putin’s contribution to the Brexit vote.

The hoax group  said they were after recognition for the role Russian military intelligence (GRU) played in the referendum.

The website is definitely worth a read and offers some parody respite.

So it’s Mocking from Moscow, as Proud Bear celebrate Putin and GRU – The Real Bad Boys Of Brexit.

Because it would be too unnerving to think that Russian involvement in the referendum could actually be real, right?




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