Diesel launch ‘Hate Couture’ line to tackle online hate

By on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Diesel’s latest campaign acknowledges the hate that people receive on social media.

The ‘Hate Couture’ line is designed to push the message, “the more hate you wear the less you care”.

The star-studded cast includes Nicki Minaj, Bella Thorne, Gucci Mane, Tommy Dorfman and Barbie Ferreira

Each celeb had a unique piece designed by Diesel featuring hate comments that they have received on social media.

The range includes ‘The Bad Guy’ (Nicki Minaj), ‘Slut’ (Bella Thorne), ‘Faggot’ (Tommy Dorfman) and  ‘Fuck You, Imposter’ (Gucci Mane).

Diesel customers will be able to create their own one-of-a-kind Hate Couture items; personalised with the worst hate comment they have ever received.

Proceeds from the sales  will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

Company president Renzo Rosso told WGSN that it’s even more important that brands need to be “real” because access to social media means ”they can check and share if you are bullshitting or not”.

Rosso emphasised that Diesel is different to many of the others emerging in this space. “They are very serious. We are sincere, but we like to use irony to make fun and point out issues.”

Diesel are on a roll with some dazzlingly smart creative work.

Last month – taking a swipe at at the state of ludicrous collaborations in the fashion industry, Diesel Berlin signed a brand partnership deal with a kebab shop.

Back in February the Italian fashion brand launched a fake goods store in New York – selling unwitting customers a limited edition range of hoodies and jeans – ahead of Fashion week

Agency: Publicis Italy

Spotted in: Dazed


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