easyJet launch campaign to inspire more girls to become airline pilots.

By on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

In a recruitment film released today, easyJet have reimagined a famous scene from Hollywood movie Catch Me If You Can.

Leading the cast was nine-year-old Hannah Revie, the daughter of real easyJet captain Emily Revie.

In the short film Hannah adopted Leonardo DiCaprio’s swagger in full easyJet uniform and was flanked by an entourage of boys, playing the role of the cabin crew, aptly played by children of easyJet staff, to inspire young girls to pursue a pilot career.

By re-shooting the movie scene easyJet hopes to course-correct notions forwarded by Hollywood movies like Top Gun, The Aviator and Flyboys that being a pilot is a man’s job.

The campaign was grounded in the findings of new research which found that childhood role models are vital to inspiring young people to consider a piloting career.

Hannah’s mum, easyJet captain Emily Revie who comes from four generations of pilots and also features in the film, said: “When I was at school being a pilot was definitely considered a career for the boys and I was told to think about what else I could do as a job. This misconception isn’t helped by Hollywood producers who have a habit of always putting male actors in the cockpit. I’m really pleased to be taking part in an initiative to encourage more girls like Hannah to consider the career. I love my job and would recommend it to anyone.”

easyJet has set a target for 20% of new pilots joining the airline to be women by 2020 at a time when only 5% of all pilots worldwide are female, as benchmarked by the International Society of Women Airline Pilots.

Agency: Taylor Herring

Brand: easyJet

spotted in: Mail Online, Metro and others

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