This two-In-one hoodie is the fashion item you never knew you needed

By on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Menswear design house Bstroy sent two models, sporting a green double-hooded sweatshirt, down the catwalk at its ‘Sweet Screams’ fashion show.

If you’re in any way claustrophobic, or enjoy you own personal space, then this hoodie might not be for you.

But the Zoolanderesque piece caught the attention of the fashion world – so job done.

Season 4 “Sweet Screams” 2018 ?: @kusumadjaja Casted by: @aamo_casting

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According to Design Taxi the oversized piece “will keep buds with separation anxiety close and snug, and has an extended pocket in the middle to keep your hands toasty—or if you and your companion are the sort, it’ll also function as a compartment for snack reserves.”

The brand has yet to release the hoodie to the public.

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