The Marmite of shoes: Balenciaga has released a pair of Croc stilettos

By on Friday, July 20, 2018

Balenciaga has divided the fashion world with their new pink croc heels!

The French fashion house caused a stir when it shared its latest creation on an Instagram post this month, and no-one seems to be able to decide if they love them or hate them.The shoe brand insists that its new high heel variations will provide day-long comfort with its arch support and water-friendly design.

The design still has the typical Croc holes doted over the shoe, but the holes are smaller and embellished with flowers and other pins. Crocs and Balenciaga have collaborated in the past on a pair of platform Crocs that cost $850, which gives an idea of how expensive these new stilettos might be…

Whether you’re a fan of this strange new design or not, heels are notoriously uncomfortable and Balenciaga have provided a bizarre alternative!


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