Father’s Day 2018: From the ‘Daddy Of Steaks’ to singing the ‘Stinking Booty’ song

By on Friday, June 15, 2018

This Sunday, 17th June, we celebrate Father’s Day.

The one day of the year where Dads can crack as many cheesy jokes as they like and get away with it.

So, this year, save money by skipping out on the ‘Best Dad Ever’ mug this year and get inspired by some of the fun campaigns dedicated to the old fella.

Morrison’s: ‘The Daddy Of Steaks’

Planning a Father’s Day feast?

Look no further than Morrison’s butcher counter where you’ll find ‘Britain’s biggest supermarket steak’ weighing in at nearly a whole kilo; that’s right…only quadruple the size of your average steak!

After all, nothing says happy fathers day like a juicy hunk.. and no I’m not talking about you Dad.

Pamper’s Stinky Booty Song

John Legend’s hot hit goes out to all those dedicated Daddys on diaper duty this Father’s day.

Embrace fatherhood by scooping up your darling’s poop with Pampers!

Dove’s #DearFutureDads

“When my daughter tells me I’m her best friend” or “when my kid comes up to me and hugs me from no reason” are just a few of the touching anecdotes Dove Men + Care share in a heartwarming video championing the importance of paternity leave.

The message is – every moment counts.

WWE’s “Dad Jokes”

We’ve all sat through a litany of cheesy dad jokes over the years

But we love them really and who better to crack these corkers than a ‘gaggle’ of WWE wrestling superstars.

So unfunny it’s funny.

UNICEF’s #EarlyMomentsMatter

Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Lewis Hamilton are namely just a few of the dadstars  who have come together to support UNICEF’s Super Dad’s campaign.

The campaign collects ‘Superdads’ in action shots on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #EarlyMomentsMatter to inspire dads all over the world to become #Superdad ahead of this Fathers Day.


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