Star Wars Day: Heathrow Airport honours day with flights to a galaxy far, far away

By on Friday, May 4, 2018

In a galaxy actually not so far away…

Today Heathrow Airport debuted new flights to Hoth, Endor, and Tatooine – and it’s plane awesome.

Whilst these destinations feel like light years away, they are in fact a celebration of Star Wars Day, which plays on the famous line from the movie ‘May the force be with you‘, and because everyone loves a pun it’s affectionately been modified to ‘May the Fourth be with you‘, which is today.


The departures board in the airport features 10 themed destinations, each with their own dedicated flight number throwing back to the names of characters in the space opera franchise.

Further bringing the fantasy to life, some flights can be seen as delayed — Jakkuu due to sand storms and Hoth because there’s snow on the runway.

Aptly there was even a nod to the upcoming ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, as further information on the flight is available from 25th May 2018 – the release date of the new film – nicely played!

Heathrow take a bow (and no we don’t mean a Wookie weapon!)

Source: Mashable UK and Sky News

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