Philips pulls fruit out of masterpieces in hidden camera prank

By on Thursday, May 3, 2018

Philips have just unveiled their new ‘Dutch Masterjuices’ campaign at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, aiming to boost people’s intakes of fruit and veg.

The healthy living campaign, created by Ogilvy Amsterdam, depicts unsuspecting museum goers viewing famous, fruity masterpieces only to see the fruit vanish before their very eyes.

As viewers gaze upon the altered Still Life with Flowers and Fruit by Jan Van Huysum, they begin to notice a lack in the abundance of fruit. The curator proceeds to mysteriously remove the remaining apple from the picture itself, to the amazement of the viewers.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day for the prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. The campaign aims to target a growing trend in juicing and smoothie consumption:

“At Philips we believe there is always a way to make life better and we are committed to developing innovations that promote better health. Art enriches people’s lives and as a founder and a long term partner of the Rijksmuseum, we are delighted to team up on this campaign which combines our passion for the arts with our commitment to healthy living.”

The missing fruit is later returned to the viewers in the form of a smoothie, The director of the museum, Taco Dibbits, said, “I think still life with fruits are quite underestimated by our visitors, whereas if you look at it, it is quite magnificent art. We very much appreciate the partnership with Philips because we feel it is such a natural fit and we enrich people’s lives everywhere.”


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