Calm release GDPR bedtime story to combat insomnia

By on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This past week has seen inboxes fill up with legal love letters from brands everywhere as they update their messaging services to comply with the new GDPR regulations.

From the straight forward “Keep in the loop” to the downright desperate “please don’t leave us”, the incoming legislation has no doubt lead to some sleepless nights on both sides; either penning that perfect notice or clearing out your email, sifting through the Everest of incoming pleas.

In response, the helpful folks over at Calm have added a GDPR tale to their Sleep Stories collection to lull people to the land of nod with the sound of the new legal regulation.

“New laws aren’t meant to be exciting,” says Alex Tew, co-founder of Calm, “That’s not their role. But GDPR could sedate a buffalo.”

The aptly titled Once Upon a GDPR is a 40 minute taster reading of the EU document, narrated by former BBC announcer Peter Jefferson whose soothing tones once lead to the Shipping Forecast being dubbed “Britain’s unofficial national lullaby”.

Jefferson said, “While we don’t have time to read the entire GDPR regulation, which would take more than all night. I hope to give you a taste of it, by reading a lengthy extract from the 107-page introduction, and then, if you’re still awake, one or two of the more relaxing articles that make up the real heart of the document.”


h/t Jonny Stanton

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