Harlem Globetrotters use a huge Rube Goldberg machine for a trick shot

By on Friday, March 2, 2018

Who doesn’t like a series of complex actions followed by a satisfying ending?

The basketball team Harlem Globetrotters partnered with undergraduate students from Georgia Tech’s colleges of Industrial Design and Music to create a Rube Goldberg style trick-shot machine.

The project was done from scratch in the span of 12 weeks and features an original soundtrack also created by the students.

It starts with a pass by a Globetrotters player and, unsurprisingly, ends with the ball going through the basketball hoop – however don’t be fooled by how easy that sounds and the journey to that dunk was anything but simplistic.

Unlike other Rube Goldberg machines which need one initial push in the beginning to reach until the end, this one required some involvement from the players themselves. On the way the ball travels on a conveyor belt, gets kicked and passed, creates music by dropping on drums, goes through a ball spinner and then carried into a hamster wheel, then proceeds to a levitation machine and ends up in a catapult that shoots it into the hoop.

Might be a tad hard to bring this one to the basketball field to impress the crowd.

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