Cancer Research recreate Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with a third missing to highlight importance of legacy donations

By on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In their latest campaign, Cancer Research have recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s infamous painting “Sunflowers”. However in their version, painted by artist and Van Gogh expert Sarah Wimperis, one third of the iconic yellow blooms have been removed to highlight just how significant that figure can be.

The missing third represents the charity’s funding received via legacy donations, money willed to the charity after death; yet according to research one third of people over 30 do not have a will in place, leaving their charitable wishes unknown should the worst happen.

Sarah Squire, senior legacy manager at Cancer Research UK, said: ‘Many people don’t realise that gifts left in wills fund a third of Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.”

‘Our work to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer has saved millions of lives. Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. Today, 2 in 4 people survive their cancer for at least 10 years. We want to accelerate progress so that 3 in 4 people are surviving their cancer for at least 10 years by 2034.’


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