Usain Bolt successfully pranks twitter with a football team signing tease

By on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The legend, Usain Bolt has frequently spoken  in the past about his passions for the beautiful game and his desire to play top-level football.

Then on Sunday, his dreams looked like they just might be on the precipice of realisation as he posted a bombshell of a tweet claiming that he had signed for a football team, setting twitter alight with speculation.

Teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United were suggested by eager fans online due to various past affinities.

The public were not left in suspense for too long. As promised, come this morning, Usain Bolt revealed the lucky team he was due to join. However all was not as it seemed, as the play was revealed to be a clever PR stunt revealing that the retired sprinter is now part of the line-up for Soccer Aid World XI, a celebrity charity match first founded by Robbie Williams in 2006.

Mark Whittle of Triple S Communications said “The Usain ‘tease’ on Sunday night was a collaborative effort between the PR teams of many high-profile stakeholders involved in the new Soccer Aid for Unicef. Given the amount of people involved it’s a credit to the Soccer Aid Productions team that the world’s media was kept guessing until the reveal at 8am this morning.”

Even though it might not exactly be what the public was hoping for, they will still see the champion take to the pitch of Old Trafford on June 10th. With Manchester United being Bolt’s favourite team, one thing’s for sure – for him, this is a match made in heaven.

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