Monopoly plan release of Cheaters Edition

By on Friday, February 2, 2018

Hasbro have announced the release of a special cheaters edition of Monopoly perfect for those with a tendency to sneak a little cash from the bank or shimmy along the board to avoid paying rent.

A recent study by the board games giant has led them to a reinvention of the famous game that has caused countless arguments between friends and family.

With cheat cards outlining your specific task, if you achieve cheating and fool your opponents it could lead to rewards like an extra property or cold hard cash.

However if you are caught by your fellow players you could be punished by losing cash and also wind up in the game’s jail or even handcuffed to the board, another interesting twist on the classic board game.

The changes also include several properties on the board being free due to being ‘hacked’ by cheaters.

The argument inducing game could prove to provide a whole set of new disagreements when it launches in America this autumn.

The survey that inspired this version of the popular game revealed that nearly half of the people playing Monopoly are cheating.

This game not only tolerates slightly bending the games traditional rules but encourages it.

[h/t Mashable]

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