Netflix drops Narcos season 3 ads in bathroom ‘blow-cations’

By on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Netflix has dropped some brilliant guerilla marketing to hail the return of its popular original programme, Narcos.

Ads for the show have turned up in ‘blow-cations’ (yes, I’m reusing the same joke from the headline!) where people typically take cocaine – namely bathrooms of bars and clubs in L.A., Miami, Chicago and New York.

The sticker ads feature cocaine powder residue and a rolled up note, along with the fact that people snorting the drug in the 90s would likely have been enjoying the product of the Cali Cartel – the focus of season 3’s storyline.

This is such a great stunt, and has clearly been popular with bathroom visitors, as rumour has it some of the stickers have already gone missing! But, the ‘blow’ must go on (I’ve got plenty more of these) and┬áthis is a brilliant way to promote the new series, and give people a cheeky┬áreminder of their wilder days.

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