Fever-Tree creates brand themed escape room to launch new mixers

By on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tonic water and mixer brand Fever-Tree has worked with experiential agency Muster to create an immersive escape room to launch its new range of dark spirit mixers.

First showcased at Imbibe 2017, the game sees guests immersed in the brand’s history, and is played against the clock to inspire, educate and entertain guests.

A series of smell and taste tests must be completed before a final puzzle that will let participants ‘escape’. The game can be completed in pairs and the pair with the fastest time will win a mystery grand prize.

The game will next be at a London location during London Cocktail Week in October.

Escape rooms are hot right now thanks to the return of The Crystal Maze and local businesses springing up over the country, so it’s interesting to see a brand trying to create its own for a fully immersive experience. Testing it out at Imbibe was a good idea before getting the public involved and I’m sure it was very popular at the trade show!

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