IKEA flat-packs cooking in new campaign

By on Friday, June 16, 2017

IKEA has long been the face of flat-packing all of life’s necessities, from kitchens and bathrooms to cabinets and beds. But now they’ve taken it to a whole other level by introducing the world’s first flat-pack cooking.

Effectively the Swedish furniture tycoon has made sure that nothing is left to chance, by creating food recipes which can be flat packed. The page has a number of empty gaps where people must put the instructed ingredients, then once all of the blanks are filled you simply roll up the piece of paper and throw it in the oven (for the required cooking time of course).

The paper itself is actually cooking parchment, and the ink edible, meaning that the flat-pack, home-made meal requires even less fuss.

The campaign is perfect for IKEA, as it not only highlights exactly what their brand ethos, but is also extremely clever and fun. It would appeal to pretty everyone, whether you shop at IKEA or not. I’m not sure if a smaller, unknown brand would have been able to pull this stunt off as effectively as IKEA, however the idea is creative, fun and on-brand!

Watch the full video here:

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