Nikon set up vision food truck to encourage adults to have eye tests

By on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

If you didn’t already know, Nikon don’t just manufacture camera lenses, they also make the lenses you have in your glasses, which makes this recent PR stunt in France by them make a little more sense.

The Nikon Vision Food Truck had a menu that resembled an eye test chart, making it possible for members of the public to order only what they were capable of seeing – so if you’re as blind as a bat you go hungry.

Oh Nikon aren’t that mean! Those who couldn’t see clearly enough to order premium food (which was printed in the smaller text), were given an eye test on the spot so they could order a complementary delicious burger.

This is a great example of how PR can engage (and feed) potential customers. Over the ten days the food truck was running, 5,000 people had their eyes tested, which probably resulted in a few sales as well.

(Agency involved: Altmann+Pacreau)

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