New P0rnhub app enables you to censor your nudes with funny animations

By on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Naughty video website P0rnhub (a moral-deficient consumer PR person’s (wet) dream, SURELY?) has created TrickPics, “the first app with augmented reality filters… for your naughty bits”.

TrickPics allows users to choose from over 15 animations, including ‘d1ck in a box’, ‘knock knockers’ (literally just door knockers the user is encouraged to use to hide their nipples…!) and a ‘trouser snake’.

The app’s been created as a way for people to ‘share nudes online, consequence free’. I’m not entirely sure it IS consequence free, but the press line from the site is that TrickPics can be shared to individuals or uploaded to social media, where they ‘shouldn’t’ be flagged for explicit content (they will be).

In reality, it’s a PR thing intended to highlight the site’s premium membership (tagging them in social media posts will bag you a 14 day membership apparently, mentioned in most news mentions I’ve seen), and has done suitably well coverage-wise.

The app is available to download for free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


It’s all a bit reminiscent of this very funny Diesel effort from a few years ago. It’s SFW, but don’t blame me if your boss tells you to pack your stuff up and get out – YOU’RE the one that clicked a post with the words ‘nudes’ in the title.

Read more on P0rnhub here. That link’s SFW, too.

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