Sipsmith to hold warm winter lounge for gin lovers

By on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Artisan gin brand Sipsmith is capitalising on the ‘hygge’ trend with a pop-up lounge to give Londoners a warm feeling this winter. They have teamed up with The Fellow gastropub in order to bring city-goers out of the cold winter air and into a snug, relaxed hideaway.

The lounge is launching on November 24th and will be open until December 31st. Londoners will be allowed in at 4pm, and can stay up until 12am, trying some of Sipsmith’s specialist winter drinks, as well as a few  classics.

On the opening day of the event Sipsmith staff will be walking customers through the menu for the month and the history of gin punches. 

The purpose of the stunt is not only to give city-dwellers a warm winter experience, but also to place Sipsmith into the minds of people ahead of the busy Christmas shopping season. On top of this the timing is perfect because as we’ve seen with other stunts based in the Christmas period these stories about a ‘warm place to hole up during the dark winter months’ tend to gain good traction, especially when it is something as accessible as drinking gin in a hygge style lounge with an open fire.

From a brand perspective Sipsmith have jumped on the bandwagon of the hygge trend and some may think that it’s been overdone, but in my opinion it’s something we can expect to see carry on into the new year.





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