A blind tasting with a difference from Laithwaite’s Wine

By on Thursday, November 3, 2016

If Kraftwerk did wine tastings

A blind tasting is a common term in the wine world, but what happens when a wine buff can’t see not only the label, but the wine itself…or anything else for that matter?

According to the taste experts at Laithwaite’s our perception of wine can be altered in a process called ‘synaesthesia’: where senses ‘overlap to create unexpected sensations.

In fact, many of us ‘drink with our eyes’ and in pitch darkness and quite a few of us would be pushed to identify grape variety and even the colour of wine ..

That’s why the team MHP worked with Laithwaite’s Master of Wine Justin Howard-Sneyd to create Tasting in the Dark, to be showcased at Laithwaite’s Live in London this coming weekend.

Justin and his team will be donning military night vision goggles to lead guests and media through a 20 minute tasting experience in complete darkness that will include one or two surprises.

Drinkers can try this at home in the event of a power cut.

Read more about the event in Metro



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