Is Indigo the new ‘linkbait airline’?

By on Sunday, October 23, 2016

Is the king of PR trolling and linkbait about to lose his crown?

The master of ridiculously shouty and outlandish headlines, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary, might be usurped soon by a youngish pretender.

There is worse news for Mr O’Leary (who famously said he will be charging his customers to use the toilet) as the new leader in linkbait is a competitor, budget airline Indigo.

Yes, Indigo Air are banning children from certain parts of planes. Or so they say…

From LA to Manchester, journalists are scrambling to cover the story.

Naturally there are lots of mummy and daddy bloggers who are ‘outraged’, about tomorrow’s fish and chip paper. Meanwhile the brand embeds itself in our memories and the links earned form the coverage increase the website’s search visibility.  And any outraged mums and dads will soon forgive them if the price of the flight is right.

The team at PR Agency One, doff our hats to the Indigo PR team / agency for taking a risk on this one.


(Sorry for not putting images in the post. The blog CMS is having s slight wobbly in me)

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