MasterFoods campaign to make dinnertime matter again

By on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Australian food company MasterFoods, launched a campaign this week to #MakeDinnertimeMatter.

The campaign was created in response to research that revealed Australians get more of a connection when sharing a meal with loved ones than any other activity, yet three quarters wanted to change something about their dinners – maybe eat more veg?! I joke.

So MasterFoods toured the country interviewing parents and then their children separately, asking who they would want to share a dinner with if they could share it with anyone in the world.

Unsurprisingly the parents chose famous or iconic people, such as Justin Bieber and Nelson Mandela. However what is heart wrenching and brings a little tear to your eye, are the children’s response. Every child (shown in the video) say they would share it with their family and/or parents. Expect to have a warm fuzzy feeling after watching the clip.

To get a deeper understanding of how food enjoyed in company contributes to our emotional wellbeing, Mars Food Australia, MasterFoods parent company, launched a research report – Lifting the Lid on Dinnertime – investigating the dinnertime habits of Australians. The report is available to download here.

The campaign has done incredibly well since launching on February 15th. The video has had more than 8.5 million views and received significant support on social media.

Clemenger BBDO Sydney, MediaCom Sydney, Ogilvy PR and Starcom worked together to deliver the multi-platform campaign.




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