Commuters asked to try their luck in ‘Lucky Man’ vending machine campaign

By on Friday, January 22, 2016

Stan Lee’s new TV show ‘Lucky Man’ starring James Nesbitt and his new hairline starts on Sky 1 tonight (more here) and in an experiential stunt to promote it, ‘luck’ (vending) machines were installed in London’s Waterloo, Manchester Picadilly, Birmingham New Street, and Glasgow Central.

With more than 3,500 lucky prizes split between them – ranging from chocolate bars to iPads and £1,000 – members of the public had to tweet a photo of themselves with #TryYourLuck.

Now, #TryYourLuck has proved to be a pretty terrible hashtag choice (have a click through if you fancy – there are some horrific photos of injured children and other not-nice things occupying the more recent tweets) and although I could spot a couple of people sharing, it was just too busy to see ones that haven’t otherwise been pimped by Sky 1.

Here’s the campaign video – a nice stunt, proving people very much like being given free stuff and will happily shill on your behalf for the chance to ‘win’ some Parma Violets:

Involved agency: tpf – the promotions | publicity factory

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