‘2,000+’ apply for Chief Chocolate Taster job

By on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In the latest ‘BEST JOB IN THE WORLD’ PR effort, Scottish firm Mackies recruited for a ‘chief chocolate taster’ for its new Aberdeenshire factory, with payment listed as seven bars of chocolate per week.

Here’s the campaign video, filmed in a similar style to the Dollar Shave Club’s 2012 rolling launch video:

In this blog post/job ad on its site, the company joked that the main requirements were ‘tastebuds and a mouth’, ‘a strong stomach – for taste testing inferior chocolate brands’ and the ability to ‘let a square of chocolate melt in the mouth without biting’.

The application process has now ended – apparently (and, take this with a pinch of PR salt, we’re known to embellish), more than 2,000 people applied.

mackies chocolate

As well as free chocolate for you and ‘quarterly additional payments of chocolate to share with friends’, the winning applicant would win a trip to the family farm for a chocolate immersion session – and a performance bonus ‘if/when your chocolate creation flies off the shelves’.

Read more: Telegraph

Credit: Huge thanks to Wire Media’s Lee Beattie for tweeting with it

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