The Economist hands out creepy crawly crepes to promote sustainable food

By on Friday, November 27, 2015

If you happen to be in the following areas: London Bridge, Angel Christmas Market, Hampstead Christmas Festival, Cannon street, City Thameslink and Moorgate, then keep your eye out for the Economist crepe delivery trucks. But before you all rush to queue up for the delicious French dessert, you should probably know not that all is not what it seems.

The Economist is selling crepes made up of 30% insect flour and served with a selection of insect toppings. Such flavours include cheese and crickets, the Nutella and banana crepe topped with crickets, the lemongrass with lemon, sugar and grasshoppers. Appleworm crepe flavour is accompanied by apple chutney and mealworms, along with the Scurry Berry, which is also topped with mealworms and raspberry jam.

The Economist has teamed up with agency Sense London on the campaign, which aims to promote the message that consuming less meat and instead opting for insects can prove more sustainable.

Marina Haydn, SVP of circulation and retail marketing, The Economist, said: “Experiential marketing approaches are now a core element of The Economist’s global subscription marketing strategy. Our current live campaigns – biodiesel coffee, insect ice cream and now insect crepes – are all united by a strategy built on the foundation of our brand introducing forces that are shaping our future to potential readers.

“Insect crepes are a great way for us to deliver a mind-stretching experience as an entry point to The Economist. Our goal is to give a content-rich – and tasty – experience that is unforgettable for Londoners.”

So if you’re on the streets of London and fancy a sweet snack that’s more on the exotic side, look out for The Economist retail trucks! They’ll be serving up these creepy crawly crepes from today until the 2nd December.

(sourced from Event Magazine)


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