Diet Coke bridge the gap between art and fan tweets

By on Friday, September 4, 2015

In a bid to reinforce the relationship between the Diet Coke brand and fans, the fizzy pop giant has come up with an artistic and engaging campaign.


Named ‘ReTweets of love’ and created by New York advertising agency Droga5, Diet Coke have commissioned artists to recreate fan tweets into beautiful pieces of art.

The campaign kicked off with an art adaption of ‘bring me a diet coke with my name on it and I’ll basically marry you #dietcokelove’ displayed on a billboard in Times Square. Other places you should expect to see an arty retweet is in magazines and on jewellery (not sure how they’ll do that but looking forward to seeing it).


I think this campaign will do exactly what it set out to – encourage fans to engage with the brand and spread the love. To keep up to date with the latest lovey dovey retweets, Diet Coke will be posting all artwork on its twitter page.

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