Interactive Price Scanner offers free and fast price evaluation for used cars.

By on Saturday, August 29, 2015


Kagulu (車咕嚕) is a recently founded company from Taiwan, that offers services to help people sell and buy used cars.

The brand wants to be known for its transparent and quick auto price evaluations, so to promote the launch of their services, they created a roving “price scanner” that roamed the streets of Taipei telling drivers, on the spot, how much their car was worth. An interactive billboard was set on the back of a truck, with cameras and sensors that registered the cars that stopped(or lingered) in front of it, which identifies the model and year of the car, showing right after some customized comment about it, followed by the estimated price that this car can be sold – all of this in just a few seconds.

All done live to the extent that it was able to interact with a kid inside a toy car who stopped in front of the Price Scanner, first calling it “too cute”  and then offering “Priceless” for the value of the toy car.

Involved Agency: Brandsugar with Party NY

Source: Kagulu, AdNews and Digital Signage Connection

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