Check out how Reebok convinced viewers to use a treadmill at the cinemas.

By on Friday, August 28, 2015


As part of activation campaign to promote their new ZPump runners Rebook surprised cinema goers at a major cineplex in the city of Seoul in South Korea with the campaign, Run the Movie, tie-ing into its motto “Get Moving, Get Pumped”.

As a screening was starting the projection is interrupted and the loading wheel appears on screen just like web video. Spotlights lit up on a pair of treadmills in front of the first row of theatre seats and a collection of pairs of Reeboks waiting to be put on the feet. After a volunteer tried it out, others followed him, and some were “invited” by their seat numbers to put on the sneakers, and keep the video playing by running on the treadmills – thus Run the Movie, so it did, as people in the audience swapped places as the runners on the treadmills to keep it playing.

Runners got to keep the Reeboks as a reward.

Watch how it went in the video below:

Involved Agency: 이노레드(INNORED)

Sources: Adnews and The Stable

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