Learning the importance of Sunscreen with Nivea Doll.

By on Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Nivea has created the Nivea Doll an interactive way to teach children the importance of spending a few minutes to apply sunscreen before they are allowed to go out and play.

“NIVEA’s goal is to offer benefits that goes beyond skincare, we believe that investing in educational actions are the best way to create awareness. This is what we are seeking with the NIVEA Doll, an innovative idea directly related with our companies positioning, that will help parents teach their children the importance of wearing sunscreen”, explains Tatiana Ponce, NIVEA Brasil CMO.

The photo-sensitive doll was handed to mothers and children ages +3 in Rio de Janeiro. By watching the doll’s skin turn red after spending short time under the sun without sunscreen, children were able to learn the importance to wearing sunscreen.


The Video above with English Subtitles can also be found: here.

Involved Agency: FCB Brasil / Sao Paulo

Source: BlueBus Brasil / Revista Publicitta

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