Watch homeless people read mean tweets about them

By on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Canadian charity Raising the Roof released this video last month and although I try only to include the latest campaigns, I thought it was well worth sharing:

A microsite created specifically for this campaign, Humans for Humans, features responses from six people who either are or have been homeless to a series of tweets, including statements like ‘If home is where the heart is, then are homeless people heartless’, to which Cheryl, below – who the Mirror says hasn’t had permanent accommodation for seven years – replies through sobs: ‘far from it’.

I did a quick Twitter search for each of the tweets (something in me said to check these weren’t all made up, which would obviously be heinous but OH HAI MARKETING), and barring one which has possibly since been deleted, they’re all there in their knuckledragging glory, with this Twitter user taking it upon themselves to let each original tweeter know about the campaign responses.

Source: Mirror Online

Involved agency: Leo Burnett

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