Volkswagen create vending machine that uses old batteries as payment

By on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Volkswagen created a unique vending machine in different parts of Russia that accepts batteries as payment, encouraging consumers to recycle their old batteries. The campaign named Think Blue, is focusing on the major issue of hundreds of millions of batteries being thrown each year in locations across Russia.

The Think Machine is a vending machine that accepts batteries as currency rather than coins or notes. Installed in different sites around Moscow, the machine allowed consumers to trade their old batteries for items that were obtainable at local community shops such as stress balls, bottles of water and t-shirts.

One of the machines collected over 8,000 batteries during its first month, which in comparison to a regular collection point in Russia, collects less than a thousand batteries.

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  1. Avatar Silvan Bugeja says:

    Along the years the German automobile industry including VW managed to earn legitimacy over the issue of sustainability including environmental issues. The company’s efforts along the years to promote environmental sustainability and to pursue ambitious environmental goals for 2018 made it an important stakeholder in safeguarding the environment.

    This company is at the forefront in creating innovative technologies paired with initiatives in favour of the environment which will strengthen the company’s reputation as an environmental champion.

    However these strategies are backed by continuous dialogue between the company and its stakeholders. In fact the corporate website explicitly states that the company act in dialogue “to identify new challenges and expectations, keeping in close touch with our stakeholders worldwide.”

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