Cinema Delivery that literally brings the Hungarian big screen to your front door

By on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

After discovering that its very rare for Hungarians to go to the cinema to watch a local film, a portable cinema was created to bring the big screen to the people (rather than the other way around).

The successful stunt was created for the Hungarian film ‘For Some Inexplicable Reason’. Since the stars of the film had very little in the way of a public following, the stunt aimed to highlight their creativity and why sometimes its good to try something a little different.

The ‘Cinema Delivery’ is best described as a make-shift ice cream van with seating and an ordering system similar to that of a pizza delivery service, in which you order for yourself and 7 friends to be parked at nearest car park to you.

Currently only available for those living in Hungary, we would relish other local films to mustard the strength to do similar (sorry couldn’t resist a food pun).

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