Pay with ‘high-fives, selfies and hugs’ at McDonald’s

By on Friday, February 6, 2015

At the beginning of this week McDonald’s released its Super Bowl-televised Pay With Lovin’ campaign, highlighting that food in the US can (could?) be bought for the price of ‘high-fives, selfies and family hugs’:

‘Lovin’ Leaders’ (the horrendous name momentarily assigned to store managers) have been helping by adding images and videos to various McDonald’s social media feeds.

It’s a bit cringe in my opinion – and unfortunately, nowhere near as cool as this campaign from last year where customers could get free food by playing McDonald’s staff at rock, paper, scissors.

Also, worth noting that a pop-up ‘cuddle cafe’ is coming to London courtesy of biscuit brand McVitie’s (read more here).

Remember when you could just pay for food with money? Also, I was going through the ad to get a screengrab and happened to pause at this point – look at the look on the worker’s face. She’s DEFINITELY not loving it.

McDonald's Pay with love


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