Marvel and Disney release ‘ant-sized’ trailer for Ant Man

By on Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To promote its upcoming movie Ant Man – in cinemas this summer, Marvel and Disney released a trailer SO tiny, you literally can’t see what’s going on. Get it?

The tiny trailer, released at the weekend (and watched more than 6 million times), has given the movie a few media bumps, as yesterday, the studio released it’s first ‘human-sized’ trailer, below:

Although clever in the sense of creating multiple points of media interest (an impressed Forbes writer said what’s been done ‘amounted to a teaser to a teaser to a trailer’), the social media-friendly process we see with most big releases now appears to irk many, if my feeds are anything to go by.

Similarly, Jurassic Park recently released a 20 second teaser trailer (watched more than 10 million times on YouTube) days before the full-length trailer (now watched almost 50 million times), so although you can see where and why studios are going with this, it all just feels a bit… much.

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