Goodbye #TweetingBra, hello #Bracam

By on Monday, October 13, 2014

It’s been almost a year since Nestlé unleashed the #TweetingBra on the world, and I’m sure you’d all agree that that’s far too long to wait for a bra based campaign. Fear not, Nestlé Fitness is all over it.

Nestlé Fitness, (and its agency – McCann, Paris) fitted a bra up with a hidden camera, and sent a woman around London – in a very revealing top – to see how many times people surreptitiously checked out her chest.

Now you might wonder why Nestlé Fitness would want to do this, but all is answered at the end of the video (it’s to mark breast cancer awareness month, and part of the #CheckYourSelfie campaign).

Although the video has had seven million views in around three weeks, the comment section is still rife with people getting into heated debates about the experiment, specifically the clothes that the woman wore around town to record the responses.

The video is clever, but there is a danger that its message has been overshadowed by the method of its delivery. For example, Mashable’s, headline was GOTCHA: Hidden Bra Cam Does its Job, Catches People Staring at Boobs, while posted it under This ‘Bra Cam’ Shows How Often Women’s Breasts Get Ogled – which wasn’t really the point of the video.

Source: AdWeek

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