Swipe Right On Tinder To Adopt A Dog

By on Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A U.S animal rescue organisation are helping abandoned dogs find people to love the same way people find other people: by using Tinder.

Agency BBH, teamed up with NYC based Social Tees to hijack Tinder in order to raise awareness.

The agency’s interns, participating in the Barn program, used the app to post pictures of dogs that need homes.

Profiles of pups in need of love have popped up on the app and have generated 2,000 matches since the accounts were created last Thursday.

tinder dog

‘Profiles were created for 10 adoptable dogs, with their age manipulated so that they would show up as matches for Tinder users’ – reports PSFK.

‘Ages are skewed so the dogs will show up under the filtered searches of those in desired age ranges and genders. Vilma, for instance, is listed as 26 and “Single and ready to mingle!” but her profile notes this pup is only 9 weeks old’ – notes Tech Crunch.


“Your doghouse or mine?” one dog’s profile asks.

If a user swipes right on a dog, they’ll be sent a message with information on the organisation that rescued it and details about getting involved.

Another profile reads “adores snuggling up and falling asleep on the couch. Ready to go home with the luckiest animal lover in town.”

7.6 Million dogs enters U.S animal shelters a year but only fraction of this find a home.

One of the 10 dogs on Tinder has already found a permanent home, with more puppy profiles to be added soon.

‘Tinder, which launched in 2012, is owned by IAC, parent of Match.com. It has become a testing ground for marketers, especially not-for-profits like Amnesty International, which did a Tinder takeover campaign this year. Tinder was not aware of the dog rescue campaign, but has not removed it’ – notes Ad Week.

Sources: Fox, Huffington Post

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