Barclaycard Launch World’s First Contactless Donkey

By on Friday, August 22, 2014

Armed with the latest technology and a bit of creativity, Barclaycard has launched a great image led story that’s appeared in the travel press today and I’m sure will be picked up elsewhere very soon.

Blackpool beach now has the first Contactless Donkey. ‘Real Donkey’ business owner Mark Ineson, contacted Barclaycard after seeing countless families unable to pay for Donkey rides due to having no cash.


So those clever bods at Barclaycard came up with a saddle that holds the contactless card machine, that the Donkey carries around and the parent can conveniently pay. The Barclaycard technologists collaborated with designers Seymourpowell to build the saddle. They are also best known as creators of the world’s first cordless kettle and also work on the interiors of Virgin Galactic spacecraft, so I imagine this project was a walk in the park, or beach, for them.

Lucky Donkey Dillon is the first to trial the saddle and if successful, Barclaycard say they will roll the idea out to seaside towns across the country. I just hope the beeping from the machines doesn’t see poor Dillon fleeing for cover with a toddler full of ice cream on board.

Whilst this is an excellent PR story for the brand, I can’t help feel sorry for those parents who’ll get saddled (sorry, not sorry) with watching their kids trot up and down the beach again and again, because they no longer have the best excuse, “Oh maybe next time, I’m all out of cash”.

Barclaycard 1 Parents 0


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