Creative co-operative Coke campaign helps new students break the ice

By on Thursday, May 29, 2014

In what is probably its one millionth appearance on this blog, Coca-Cola has – shock horror – come up with a good new campaign that relates nicely to its ongoing happiness campaign, called the ‘Friendly Twist’.

Coca-Cola screw top

The first day at university is, according to the campaign narrative, a lonely one. Sexual tension is in the air and the only way to break the ice between freshers is… to encourage them to engage in some casual screwing.

A fridge on an unnamed campus was filled with bottles of Coke. However, these aren’t just ordinary bottles of Coke – they’ve been designed to be impossible to open on their own. Instead, two caps are designed to interlock, meaning you’ll need to push your bottle top against somebody else’s and twist them off. Although a simple idea, it’s as good as we’ve come to expect from Coca-Cola’s creative content churners.

Here’s the video, watched 1.1m times so far:

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