Rally driver Ken Block goes head to head with footballer Neymar Jr. in ‘Footkhana’

By on Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Remember Gymkhana? It’s a DC Shoes stunt series featuring rally driver Ken Block doing RIDICULOUS things in urban surroundings. Here’s a write-up about the fifth in the series from June 2012.

ken block vs neymar jr footkhana

Well, Block has teamed up with Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. – the professional equivalent of the annoyingly small and skillful kid in the school playground whose shins I would often resort to hacking at in frustation – in this Castrol World Cup campaign (Block is a new Castrol Ambassador).


In the video, the duo team up with freestylers Andrew Henderson, Séan Garnier and Lassi Hurskainen ‘to push the boundaries of performance and attempt ground-breaking new skills’.

It’s branded tomfoolery of the highest order – gaining more than a million views in less than a day.

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