Water Into Wine Gadget Revealed As Brilliant Charity PR Hoax

By on Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just under a week ago, the internet was lit ablaze with Miracle Machine. This revolutionary gadget offered people the technology to turn water into wine at home in just a matter of days. All you had to do was select your wine preference on their phone app and follow the instructions. It would then tell you which simple and accessible ingredients to add to its futuristic fermentation chamber. It would then literally turn water into wine in just three days. We were entranced by the project, which was to be launched as a crowdfunded campaign. However, the wine turned out to be a PR stunt with a sophisticated taste and hints of a hoax.


It turns out to be a brilliant stunt to promote charity Wine to Water. They are focused on providing clean water to people in need around the world. Despite only being staffed by five full time staff, they have secured major coverage with the Miracle Machine, either believing it to be true or revealing the hoax. It was there all along to see, for anyone that flipped over the MM of Miracle Machine to reveal the WW of Wine to Water.


You can watch the launch video for Miracle Machine here:

And this is the video that revealed that it was all an elaborate hoax:

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