Duracell bus shelter heats up when randoms hold hands

By on Thursday, March 13, 2014

A brilliantlly simple idea from Duracell in the depths of winter: ask commuters to hold hands and the freezing bus shelter they’re waiting in heats up.

The battery/power provider attached heaters to a bus shelter ‘that could only be powered by a human connection.’

The ‘Moments of Warmth’ campaign took place in chilly Montreal amidst a series of ice storms, nicely tying in the sentiment of human kindness (which seems to be doing the rounds at the minute) and the tangible (and topical) element of heat provision during the hard winter Canada has seen.

Clever and simple, it’s been picked up by Huffington Post and the video has seen nearly 160k views at time of writing.

See the video:


Involved Agency: Cossette

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