Disney give kids the chance to adopt a snowman in cute ‘Frozen’ DVD release campaign

By on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In a campaign to promote the release of Disney’s double Academy Award-winning film Frozen at the end of the month, kids (and adults) were offered the chance to adopt a snowman.

The below pop-up installation was in Covent Garden, London between 7-10am Wednesday morning (the 19th). The release says it was intended as a solution on what is the last day of winter to what is apparently the capital’s first snowless winter for 12 years, ‘to ensure Londoners don’t miss out on playing with a snowman’.

disney frozen snowman adopt

Visitors to the pop-up left with their own snowman inspired by the film’s snowman character Olaf,  complete with adoption papers. Although I’m not quite sure what one is or looked like, each snowman apparently came with ‘an insulated carry case to avoid puddles on the bus’. (Update: I just called one of the PRs behind it, who told me it’s essentially a polystyrene box).

A quick Twitter search threw up this tweet from Slendertone from around 8.30am, showing what I can only imagine to be somebody involved in the installation:

I am an unashamed Disney fan and after watching Frozen with my 7 year old daughter (without whom, I’d have still probably watched it), I had this song stuck in my head for days. Here, NOW YOU CAN, TOO:


Involved agency: Mischief

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