Yachtsman performs ridiculously dangerous stunt – whilst dressed in Hugo Boss suit

By on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In an incredibly impressive but nonetheless ‘err, why?’ stunt for Hugo Boss, 37 year old British yachtsman Alex Thomson ran up the 100ft mast of his branded yacht whilst it hung above the ocean at a 60-degree angle – before diving into the water off the shore of Cadiz in south-western Spain. All whilst wearing a Hugo Boss suit and sunglasses, OBVIOUSLY.

hugo boss yacht 2

Thomson, who described the feat as ‘the most stupid thing I’ve ever done’  became the youngest person to win a round the world race, aged 25.

Watch the video below:

According to the Mail piece, the wind needed to be 18 to 20 knots so the boat could maintain 10 knots and the necessary angle – had the boat tipped back upright, Thomson would have had a 30m fall to the deck.

Source: Mail Online

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