Netflix promotes ‘House of Cards Against Humanity’

By on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

house-of-cards-season-2-posterIn what may be the most apt product tie-in of all time the producers of soon-to-be-back-for-a-second-series-show ‘House of Cards have teamed up with the makers of card game du-jour Cards Against Humanity to make, you’ve guessed it, House of Cards Against Humanity.

The game involves players combining the cards in their hand to create the funniest (and often most offensive) combination in order to win. In advance of the worldwide release of the second series of the Kevin Spacey starring and David Fincher produced political drama a free expansion pack for customers in the US that included “25 brand-new cards about power, politics, passive-aggressive h*ndjobs, and other scenes that we can never unsee.”

It’s a suitably sarcastic and acerbic tie-in just ahead of the new House of Cards arriving on Netflix on February 14th. It will work well for both products who probably share a significant cross-over of customers.

The free packs have now all gone but in line with the Cards Against Humanity open-source philosophy they’re still available for anyone to download and print out themselves.

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