WW2 bomb shelter transformed into an urban garden

By on Thursday, January 30, 2014

100ft below the Northern Line – just off Clapham North – lies a 2.5-acre tunnel which has flourished into an urban marvel.


Using special LED bulbs and hydroponics, Richard Ballard and Steven Dring have been using the ex-air raid shelter to grow a range of exotic herbs and vegetables. They’ve also brought in Michelin-starred chef Michael Roux Jr on board as director of their “Growing Underground” brand.


Eco warriors can also rest easy, as the tunnels are carbon neutral – with its central London location helping reduce food miles too.


Despite the progress already made, they won’t be able to start a serious growing operation until May – so why reveal all this now? Well they’ve just kicked off their crowd-funding campaign – where £10 will get you a stake and £25,000 will get you voting rights.

Fad or future trend? You decide.

Source: MailOnline


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