Eurostar uniforms stunt fails to arrive

By on Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eurostar22Ok that may be a bit harsh, but it was good pun and the campaign didn’t get the level of mainstream coverage the team were probably hoping for.

This week Eurostar have dressed Paul Day’s ‘The Meeting Place’ statue, which looms over arriving passengers at St Pancras Station, in its new uniforms in a marketing stunt designed to mark the twentieth anniversary of Eurostar and to “capture the glamour and romance of international high-speed rail travel” according to Eurostar spokesperson Marc Noaro (Eurostar’s press release).

It’s a cute stunt and one that makes for a great photo, especially with the statue’s pose mirrored by a couple of Eurostar employees who met while working for the company and have since married. It deserved better but of the mainstream press only the Evening Standard appear have picked it up along with a fair few business travel blogs. This is despite public relations and marketing blogs featuring the stunt widely.

I guess it just shows that a clever idea and the respect of your peers won’t always convince editors.

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