Nightclub Visited by Pop Star Gives Free Entry to People Named Conor

By on Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Coventry nightclub Kasbah, which is one of the popular local venues for my university, has pulled off a double PR coup. They were unexpectedly visited by celebrity singer Conor Maynard, which proved to be an incident filled night. However, they have released a flyer saying that anyone named Conor or Connor can now get a free queue jump and entry for one of their Friday nights.


 It all started when international pop star Conor Maynard popped in for a weekend evening. He caused a bit of a stir, as you would expect from somebody who has worked with the likes of Ne-Yo and had a debut album that topped the British charts. However, rather than give him star treatment, they showed how much they valued their regular customers on a busy night. The pop star was asked to wait in line with everybody else. He was down to earth and content with the whole situation, waiting in line politely. Nevertheless, it has been reported that his brother Jack was less pleased and demanded more VIP treatment, going on to tweet angrily. The situation escalated and when they were refused entry because one of the party lacked identification, it could have turned into bad PR.

However, Kasbah have responded exceptionally well and have attracted some overwhelmingly positive local press for how they dealt with the unexpected visit on the night. Treating him like a regular customer makes them feel authentic and shows that they value their guests. They have now announced that if a person turns up on Friday 7th February and is called Conor or Connor they will be allowed in for free. Even better, if you are called Conor and bring your mother along, they will give you free drinks all night. This has raised a lot of publicity in the local area. Their official account even cheekily tweeted Connor and his brother Jack to publicise the event.

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