Bra unhooks for ‘true love’

By on Sunday, January 26, 2014

Japanese lingerie company Ravijour have created the ultimate in intimacy undergarments – a bra that unhooks for nothing less than true love.

Described by Ravijour as “a revolutionary bra that knows how women truly feel”, the slightly bizarre ad campaign seems to imply that the bra has been sent here by the gods of female frontal support to save women from those one-night stands with the most unsavoury of men.

With singer, songwriter and inventor of the rape anthem Robin Thicke, already quaking in his Cuban heels, the bra is claimed to contain a sophisticated heart-monitor that transmits all of the relevant data – via Bluetooth – to a smartphone app for analysis. From here, some science and digital magic works out the various rhythmic palpitations of the wearer, determining if  the “true love rate” has been achieved, before popping off and revealing all –  carefully calibrated against the readings from things like shopping, flirting or exercise.

Un-un-hookable by human hands, until true love has been determined, the bra magically unhooks from the front, leaving the lovelorn lady exposed – not ideal if your long term office crush just brushed passed you pre-meeting.

The distinct stench of ‘PR stunt’ circles around this particular piece of design, however I am intrigued to find out if random chest explosions have become a regular occurrence in the far East, or if common sense and judgement are indeed restricting sales in favour of Futurama style invention.

Regardless, Ravijour is a name I won’t forget in a hurry and here’s a slightly letchy video of how it all works….

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